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Tharad (also known as Thirpur) is a town in Tharad taluka in the Banaskantha district of the state of Gujarat in India. It is the administrative center of Tharad taluka. Tharad is near the border of Gujarat, 40 km from the border with Pakistan and 15 km from the Indian state of Rajasthan. The town was a princely state ruled by the British, and the majority of its population follow the religion of Jainism. Its main industry is agriculture.

Tharad has seven government-run primary schools, and three high schools: Rajeshwar Adarsha Vidhyalay, Janta High School and Gayatri Vidyalaya thrad. It also has an Arts, Commerce and Science college run by the Shri Anjna Patel (chaudhary) Kelvani Trust.

The town has many public and privately-run hospitals, including a large referral hospital and a public health center.

Tharad is also a center for transport, with over 300 buses linking the town with various parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Tharad is dependent on agriculture and trade. The economic center of the town is the Central Agriculture Market Yard where farmers can auction their crops. There are many dairy cooperatives, and cold storage is located nearby. Tharad also has a big jewelery market.

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