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Mahajanpura Panjarapole
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MahajanPura Panjrapole
Mahajanpura Panjrapole is one of India’s oldest panjrapole. Today it is a source of pride for the people of Tharad and a model that panjrapoles across the country are seeking to replicate.
MahajanPura Panjrapole
Run and maintained by a Trust, Mahajanpura Panjrapole employs 25 people who work full time to ensure that every animal within the institution is looked after and cared for. One veterinary doctor works here too to ensure that every animal remains as healthy as possible. When required, surgeries are also performed. 30 large animal sheds have been constructed and of these, five are reserved for sick animals. Various donors have come forward to make this possible.

To provide clean drinking water, 3 borewells have been dug and special ground water tanks too have been constructed to ensure that water is filtered and pure.
MahajanPura Panjrapole

Fodder is of the best possible quality and every shed is kept meticulously clean to ensure the physical well being of the animals. To enrich them spiritually, the Jain “Navkaar Maha Mantra” and other religious hymns are played through speakers across the institute and every effort is made to ensure that the animals within the institute remain healthy in every possible way. At present, there are 2,700 animals in Mahajanpura Panjrapole.

MahajanPura Panjrapole
Over the past one year, during 2009-2010, Rs. 82,36,000 has been spent on the animals. Of this, nearly 60,00,000 has been spent on food, fodder, grass and medicines. But, fodder prices keep increasing. Moreover, the number of animals in the Panjrapole too keeps growing with every flood or drought that hits Gujarat. It is becoming essential to increase the facilities within the institute and the management has drawn up a phased plan that will see more sheds being constructed and better, more modern facilities being provided. You can help.


All donations to Mahajanpura Panjrapole are exempt from Income Tax under the Income Tax Act Section 80 (G). Donations can be made by crossed cheques or Demand Drafts favouring Shree Tharad Panjrapole Trust. They can also be made via money transfer.

Our bank details are as follows.

Bank Name
Account No.
Prahaladnagar, Ahmedabad.
State Bank of India
Opp. Cochard Ashram,
State Bank of India
Patharkuva, Ahmedabad.
UCO Bank
Khanpur, Ahmedabad
MahajanPura Panjrapole
---------------------Contact details---------------------
Tharad Panjrapole Trust
Mahajanpura, Dist. Bansakanta, Gujarat-385 565. India
(3 Kms. from Tharad)
Phone No :
Mobile No : +91 9820296100
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